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Cookie Greene

My story starts in 1994. After 25 years of experiencing layoffs, pay freezes and pay cuts with a major airline I was looking for a new career. As a single mom with each month more and more a struggle to pay bills. I looked at many different opportunities until a friend told me about Reliv and I was so impressed at my first presentation that I joined the same night! The 90% buy back guarantee for one year told me that I didn't have much to lose if it didn't work out for me.
Myself, family and friends started using the nutrition products and everyone received results! This was very exciting! Almost immediately I found I was sleeping better and less; cravings for coffee and junk food went away and six pounds melted away. As time went on I realized that overall my health had improved! Nineteen years later, there is no doubt that my immune system is stronger than it has ever been! Who knows what that has prevented over the years! The results my ageing parents have had are truly life changing and what a reward that has been to watch them truly enjoying their golden years!
I decided to treat the business seriously and worked hard at it part time for the first four years. For me this meant learning and receiving great help from the experience of successful leaders and from the company. The support and training is wonderful; especially as I knew very little about business. At the end of nine months I was earning over $1,000 per month and earned a bonus! The business continued to grow as I continued to work it around my full time job and at the end of four years my Reliv income was over $4000 per month part time!
My nineteen year journey has been just amazing to me with my best income over 6 figures in one year and the company paying me to travel to teach and train other distributors all across the USA and Canada. I've earned many bonuses and fabulous trips!
Go ahead and check out the tabs and videos and don't hesitate to contact me with questions!